Still need a reason to not vote for Trump, Here are 101


  1. The U.S. has the 8th highest per capita death rate in the world.
  2. Trump didn’t institute a single Federal policy to help address Covid. If he would just institute workplace regulations in dealing with Covid, that alone would help us be able to open up again safely, which would helped our economy.
  3. A recent report disclosed that Trump is the single largest spreader of Covid misinformation in the entire world.
  4. Trump told Bob Woodward how deadly Covid was in January, and that he purposefully downplayed it.
  5. Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the existence of Covid & wear a mask has politicized the virus and sowed distrust in science among his supporters.
  6. Trump hosted a mask-less, super spreader event at the White House, and after knowing he was infected, hosted a rally. Even though, he literally just recovered from covid he is back hosting mask-less rallies throughout the US.


7. Trump is trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act in the courts, although we are currently in the middle of a pandemic. He does not have a healthcare plan to replace it. This will result in millions of Americans losing their healthcare, IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC.

8. Repealing the Affordable Care Act will strip millions of Americans, pre existing conditions health coverage.

9. Trump’s campaign promise to lower drug prices has failed because he opposes the most effective ways of cutting drug prices. Although the drug prices have not dropped, Trump awarded drug companies huge tax breaks in 2017.

The Economy

10. In 2018, 60 of the nations largest corporations paid no federal income tax on a net $79 billion in profits. Over the past 60 years, the economy is at its strongest with a higher corporate tax.

11. For the first time in 100 years, the 400 richest families pay an overall lower tax rate then the middle-class.

12. Trump’s 2017 tax cuts will add 1 to 2 trillion to the national debt.

13. Much of Trump’s inherited wealth – the 413 million he received from his father – is the result of tax fraud and manipulation from the 1990’s.

14. Trump, paid $0 in federal income tax for at least 11 years, and only $750 for 2016, and 2017.

15. Pre-Covid the US unemployment rate was higher then Germany, and Norway.

16. During Covid, Germanys unemployment rate went from 3.2% to 3.9%, but the US went from 3.7% to 10.4%

17. Permeant job losses in the US rose to 3.4 million by September.

18. The number of jobs sent oversees are at a record high under Trump. Government contracts with foreign companies are up 30%.

19. Trump’s trade war with China decimated small family farms: he devastated export numbers, and then he gave the majority of bailout dollars to the wealthiest 1% of farms, not the farms that needed it.

LGBTQ Rights

20. Trump issued a rule excluding transgender people from the Affordable Care Act.

21. Trump reversed workplace discrimination for transgender people.

22. Trump instituted a ban on transgender people in the military.

23. Currently marriage equality is under attack again, and he is packing our Supreme Court with conservative judges who can take our rights.

Women’s Rights

24. Trump rolled back protections for victims of sexual assult and discrimination in the workplace with a 2017 executive order.

25. Trump issued Title IX rules that make it harder for victims of sexual assault to obtain resources at universities.

26. Trump instituted a rule that allows employers, schools, and other entities to opt out of birth control coverage for religious or moral reasons.

27. The gender pay gap in Trump’s White House has tripled, and he instituted policies essentially eliminating pay discrimination oversight within agencies.

28. On how to handle women, Trump has said, “You’ve got to treat them like shit”.

29. 26 women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct since the 1970’s.

Disability Rights

30. Trump proposed a rule that would cut Social Security disability benefits by 2.6 billion dollars over 10 years, and require people to “re-prove” their disabilities more frequently.

31. Trump has stalled Obama-era rules that would protect individuals from discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

32. Devos slashed 72 Guidance Documents outlining rights for disabled students under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.


33. The border wall failed: it isn’t effective, cost $15 billion, and won’t survive legal battles.

34. Trump is attempting to eliminate DACA and deport 70,000 Dreamers, immigrants who arrived in the U.S. when they were children.

35. Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy separated thousands of children from their parents, leaving children in inhumane conditions, many of which are human rights violations.

36. ICE detention centers have performed non consensual hysterctomies (procedures that remove a woman’s reproductive organs) on woman.

37. In 2017, Dreamers paid over $4 billion in taxes. That same year, Trump paid $750.

38. Trump instituted a racist ban on Muslims from particular countries entering the country.

Native Rights

39. Trump is attempting to push the Dakota Access Pipeline after it’s owner gave his campaign $10 million this September. This would harm sacred Native sites, and land and water used by the Standing Rock Sioux and Cheyanne River Sioux tribes.

40. Trump revoked the reservation status (i.e. independent political power) of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe. Revoking reservation status haven’t occurred since the 1940’s-1960’s.

41. Trump has removed the most protections for federal lands of any president to date, being the only president to have advocated removing more public land then he has conserved. These lands are home to countless sacred sites for Native American Tribes.

Gun Rights

42. Mass shootings and gun deaths reached record numbers in the US over the past 3 years.

43. Trump has not created or supported any gun violence prevention policies, even though a majority of Americans support stricter gun ownership laws.

44. Trump repealed Obama’s efforts to improve background check systems, causing systems to miss an estimated 400,000 prohibiting records.

45. Trump claims Democrats want to abolish the Second Amendment, but the policies passed by the Democratic House in the wake of mass shootings implement only the most popular and minor reforms to gun ownership.


46. Devos backed cutting $9 billion in Department of Education funding. This funding largely goes to supporting economically disadvantaged students and special education.

47. Devos issued a rule directing states to give private schools a bigger share of federal Covid aid then Congress intended under the Cares Act. A federal judge has since said that it was illegal, and she has since revoked the rule.

48. Trump demanded that the Treasury Department remove the tax exempt status of schools and universities that encourage “radical left indoctrination”.

49. Meanwhile, he has declared to use $5 billion for his own child indoctrination campaign, which will frame US history as “patriotic” and eliminate the discussion of historic and present racism.

50. Trump has failed to address student debt, is denying loan relief requests from those who have been defrauded by for-profit universities, and plans on eliminating the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Programs.

The Enviroment

51. Trump has taken 131 actions toward federal climate deregulation.

52. Trump calls climate change a hoax invented by China.

53. Trump has issued rules telling agencies to expedite environmental review processes mandated by the National Environmental Policy Act, our only environmental justice law.

54. At the debate Trump says he wants the US to have clean water, but his administration is dismantling the Clean Water Act. He has made it easier for wastewater treatment plants to release raw sewage into the waterways.

55. Trump says, the US has the cleanest air but his administration has attacked the Clean Air Act on all fronts.

56. Trump finalized vehicle emission standards that will emit billions of tons of CO2, increase what consumers pay for gasoline by about 1,400, and cost the US economy between $13 billion – $22 billion.

57. His administration gave $28 million to three coal companies under the Paycheck Protection Program, which was intended to help small businesses during the pandemic.

58. Trump has not invested in clean energy technology and made moves to repeal Obama’s Clean Power Plan when 80% of boomer generation Republicans think we should expand solar.

59. Trump approved drilling in he Arctic, threatening the Gwich’in indigenous tribe who calls it home, pristine areas, and animals. The return on investment so low several oil companies wouldn’t consider it.

Social Programs

60. Trump has proposed huge cuts to Social Security – $75 billion over the next 10 years – affecting the more then 10 million that rely on it.

61. Trump promised to provide rural America access to broadband, but hasn’t delivered: an estimated 42 million people still do not have access.

62. Trump proposed a 15% budget cut for the Department of Housing & Urban Development.

63. Trump has instituted policies which criminalize homelessness, adopting a punitive approach by law enforcement while reducing support for housing-centered programs.

64. Trump has tried to cut snap benefits for over a million Americans when an estimated 35.2 million Americans face hunger.

65. Trump has continued the racist myth of the “welfare queen” by granting status waivers so they can require that people have a job before they can get Medicaid.


66. A Republican-led Senate report concluded that Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, provided an official connected with Russia intelligence internal campaign strategy critical to effective interference, and worked with that official to hide evidence of Russian interference.

67. Trump violated election laws by soliciting the aid of a foreign government –Ukrainian President Zelensky — in a domestic election by asking him to look into joe Biden.

68. Trump and the RNC have built a program to recruit 50,000 supporters to harass voters at the polls. Two right winged Trump supporters were charged in September with felonies for a robocall operation intended to dissuade minority voters from voting.

69. Trump eliminated the IRS’s last remaining regulation over dark money groups, which will leave campaign contributors completely unknown to Americans.

70. Trump is spreading misinformation about voting. He says that mail-in-ballots are prone to fraud when fraud from mail in voting results in just 0.00006% of all votes cast. He also told voters in North Carolina to vote twice, when doing so is a crime.

71. Trump has suggested that he won’t leave the White House if he loses the election.

Military & Vets

72. Trump still has done nothing to address potential Russian bounties on American soldiers. The program is linked to GRU, the same intelligence breach connected to Russian interference.

73. By unleashing the National Guard on peaceful protests, Trump has instilled distrust in the military, politicized it, and turned to violence against Americans.

74. Experts estimate the total number of troops abroad has not changed since Trump took office even though he promised it would, although exact numbers are hard to know because the DOD suspiciously stopped reporting them for key countries.

75. Trump has mismanaged the Department of Veterans Affairs, leaving 12 sets open and allowing non-government appointed officials to run it.

76. Trump vetoed a bill that promoted vet forgiveness for veterans who had been defrauded by for-profit schools.

Blatant Racism; White Supremacy; Hate Crimes

77. Trump has made countless racist remarks like denying the validity of Obama’s birth certificate, calling Mexican’s “rapists”, and saying “laziness is a trait in blacks”.

78. The highest number of hate crimes in a decade occurred immediately after Trump’s election in the latter half of November 2016. Counties that hosted a 2016 Trump campaign rally saw a 226% increase in hate incidents, compared to counties that did not host a rally.

79. The number of victims in anti-latino or hispanic hate crimes rose over 21%

80. In a study of 28,000 news stories, the Washington Post found 300 instances of bullying were committed using Tump’s racist chants. 3/4 were directed at blacks and latin students. Children, as young as 6 are mimicking Trump when they bully.

81. In 2019 the Anti-Defamation league reported 2,107 hate crimes against Jewish people across the US, the highest since it began tallying hate crimes in 1979.

82. Trump frequently comments about how good his genes are, he said that Henry Ford (one of the most influential antisemitic people in US history) had “good bloodlines” and commented to a room full of white Brits, that they had “good bloodlines”.

83. Amy Cohen Barrett, Trump’s new Supreme Court nominee, has taken 5 paid speaking gigs from ADF, a hate group that supports the sterilization of trans people.

Systematic Racism

84. Trump created a rule that creates a loophole for bank lendors to discriminate against people of color attempting to buy homes, a modern form of redlining.

85. Trump instituted a rule to make it harder for those who have been discriminated against by housing lenders to file legal claims.

86. Trump has undermined and intends to entirely gut the Fair Housing Rule, which requires local governments to (1) track segregation and (2) build affordable housing in areas with better funded schools and services.

87. Defunding public education, and putting that money into private school vouchers (the “school choice” policy) will further segregate schools and increase inequality in education: only economically advantaged, White students will be able to move to the private schools, leaving Black students in less well-funded public schools.

88. Black Americans are disproportionately charged with drug offenses including marijuana, but Trump plans to backtrack existing positive marijuana policy, and remove protections for medical marijuana.

89. Trump is fueling mass incarceration by increasing the number of private for-profit prisons unaccountable to the government. Under Trump private prisons have had their best years yet.

90. Trump is fueling mass incarceration by demanding “law & order” and “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” the same rhetoric Nixon used to launch the war on drugs in 1971 which was directed at Black Americans, and led to mass incarceration, which led to for-profit prisons, and are just a form of modern day slavery.

91. Trump is a staunch supporter of the death penalty — he took out an ad to call for the death penalty of 5 Black teenagers, wrongfully accused of raping a white woman, and is set to oversee the most federal executions of any President in modern era.

92. Devos rescinded Obama’s 2014 guidance document intended to reduce discriminatory discipline within school, directly fueling the from school-to-prison pipeline.

93. Trump rescinded a rule that limited sending surplus military equipment to local law enforcement, including those operating within K-12 school districts. Devos has urged schools to “seriously consider partnering with local law enforcement in the training of arming school personnel”.

Media & Misinformation

94. Trump uses social media to spread misinformation, and his over 20,000 lies. He has spent $27 million on Facebook ads, including several that Facebook has had to take down.

95. In response to Twitter fact-checking Trump in May, Trump issued an executive order which would severely limit immunity for social media companies when they decide to fact-check content, essentially punishing the companies for fact-checking him.

96. Trump & Fox News coordination may violate propaganda law, according to an anti corruption firm in DC. The firm uncovered documentation showing coordinated efforts to create scripts regarding Trump’s policies, especially on how to frame immigration issues.


97. Trump intentionally slowed down the USPS services in order to tamper with mail-in-voting, he admitted in an interview with Fox News. Millions of Americans rely on the mail for receiving their prescriptions, bills, & benefits.

98. As evidenced by his Covid response, and his failed Hurricane Maria response, Trump’s denial of science makes him an unfit leader, at times of crisis.

99. Trump has used the Department of Justice for his own benefit. He’s issued pardons to allies, that have been convicted of crimes, fired Attorney General’s investigating his allies, used the DOJ to meddle in the election bi investigating baseless claims of voter fraud,and had the DOJ intervene in an anti-defamation suit against him.

100. He appointed judges, including Amy Cohen Barrett, that will ignore stare decisis (the doctrine that honors Supreme Court precedent) to reverse Roe vs. Wade, who thinks Brown vs. Board of Education (the case that desegregated schools) was wrongfully decided, and who want to diminish our voting rights even more.

101. Our institutions are eroded, and our country is divided. The country has not been this divided since the McCarthy era, maybe earlier. We can not heal with Trump in office. With a new administration we can start to.

No matter which of the above issues concern you, it is under attack if Trump gets re-elected. Human Right are under attack. Our Democracy is under attack. Humanity is under attack. Please Vote him out!

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