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Hello, and Welcome! My name is Patrick Parks. I am a gay man with a passion for travel. I have a online presence on many different platforms, including Instagram instagram.com/globalexplor and youtube. I decided to create a blog to accompany my posts with tips, recommendations, and more details about my travels. Please feel free to follow along here, and all other platforms.

Published by globalexplor

My name is Patrick Parks. I am a gay man, originally from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. My grandfather was a crabber, and I spent my youth exploring the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. I grew obsessed with the beauty of our planet, and started exploring a little further out each time. After a few years of college in MD, I moved to NYC to finish my studies. NYC introduced me to the world. People from around the world are drawn to this amazing city, and I became fascinated with learning the different customs and cultures of my new neighbors. I talked to people about their customs and cultures every chance I got, and grew so curios to see these different places I was hearing about with my own eyes. I started traveling, and making new friends around the globe. These are some of my adventures....

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